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EMG9 (Expense Management Group) was founded in 2008. In 9+ years, EMG9 has successfully been able to help over 250 small and medium sized companies with substantial savings on their import, export, and domestic shipping.


EMG9 is currently servicing thousands of shipments weekly throughout our international and domestic network.

We currently service accounts in the all industries including: apparel, footwear, accessories, outerwear, electronics, optical, jewelry, auto parts, houseware and home textiles.

In the courier business, rates are mostly determined by volume.
Our edge is combining small and medium sized business to our mix in order for them to take advantage of our rates which compare with the biggest companies in the world. In todays environment, most companies are feeling shrinking margins and rising expenses. EMG9 can help shrink at least part of that expense. The Logistics expense!


In 2014 we partnered with another service provider that specializes in domestic air, ground and LCL. This allows us to offer savings for domestic shipping throughout the continental US as well.

Besides the price savings, our advantage gives our customers the ability to get a world renowned brand in DHL while still maintaining personalized customer service from EMG9. No waiting on hold, no being transferred from one department to another, no speaking to a customer service person in another country. Call EMG9 for immediate professional customer service.

If you ship to or from China, Asia, Europe, Middle East or anywhere else in the world and feel like you are paying too much or not getting the service you deserve, contact us for a free rate quote.

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